Soft Crab Fishing Lures-MADE IN USA!


All inshore game fish eat small crabs, which is why they love to eat our bite size Soft Crabs. They are fantastic at catching Pompano, Redfish, Black Drum, Sea Trout, Weakfish, Flounder, Permit and Fluke. One of the best kept surf fishing secrets is using these soft crabs in the surf for Pompano where they work so well  that many anglers buy them from us by the hundreds year after year. Soft Crabs feature both male and female claw sets (females have two small claws while males have one large and one small claw). Don't let this little bait fool you; it catches huge fish when other baits fail. These crabs are also deadly for largemouth bass when fished in coastal rivers where largemouth bass often eat crabs. This is a must have surf fishing lure as well as a lure for sight casting to fish on the flats and or to fish near pilings for Sheepshead. Available in 8 Pk or 50Pk

Proudly Made in USA! 

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