Yummee Bird-7 inch Flying Fish Lure -MADE IN USA!


The 7 inch Yummee Bird Flying Fish’s erratic surface action makes it a fantastic lure for both Tuna and Dolphin. This 7 Inch flying fish lure draws vicious surface strikes from all blue water species. Lure features a soft one piece body, multiple hook slots, realistic eyes and an erratic surface action that drives fish nuts. This lure is a great choice to use under kites or helium balloons! We also recommend casting these to catch giant ‘Cow’ Tuna. This flying fish has a variety of built in rigging options. The Yummees’ durable yet soft plastic gives fish a natural yummy feel so they hang on to the lure longer. 

Learn How To Rig A 7 Inch Flying Fish To Catch Huge 200 Pound Plus "Cow Tuna" For Kite Fishing!

1) 1 pack unrigged- $11.99
2) 1 pack rigged-$13.99 
3) New! 7 Inch Yummee Bird rigged ‘Florida Keys Style.’ This rig features a single hook in the belly and a Mustad 3x treble as a long trailing stinger.  $16.99 1 pack
4) New! 7 Inch Yummee Bird rigged weedless with the hook facing up. This bait will skip and fly right over the toughest weed lines drawing strikes from predators like Dolphin and Tuna. Works best over weed lines with a kite $16.99 1 pack
5) BULK! Unrigged-$11.59 each

MADE in the USA!

WARNING:  This product is not intended for use by children under 14 years of age.

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