Yummee Delta Wing 7 Inch Flying Fish-Fishing Lure! MADE IN USA!


The Yummee Delta Wing Flying Fish 7 Inch Fishing Lure is a premier lure for Tuna, Dolphin and other blue water game fish. The Yummee Delta Wing Flying Fish has a smooth surface skimming action which draws strikes from big fish and enables you to rig it many ways. You can rig it as as a hooked trolling lure, a daisy chain or spreader bar, or rigged with a swivel in the tail for use as an inline bird.

You can rig your baits many different ways using only this one lure. This flying fish features internal hook slots which allow for traditional rigging and can also be rigged weedless with the hooks facing up for fishing around weedlines. This makes it an excellent Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi) lure. This is our best flying fish for rigging in daisy chain teasers for Sailfish and Marlin because of its super smooth splashing action. The Yummees’ durable yet soft plastic gives these fish a natural yummy feel & taste so they hang on to the lure longer. To tuna these lures are yummy Yummees! Proudly Made in the USA!

How to rig a Weedless Yummee Delta Wing Flying Fish Video Click Here

Want to learn how to rig this lure in a daisy chain? Check out this video

1) 1 pack unrigged- $11.99
2) 1 pack rigged-$12.99 
3) New! 7 Inch Yummee Bird rigged ‘Florida Keys Style.’ This rig features a single hook in the belly and a Mustad 3x treble as a long trailing stinger.  $16.99 1 pack
4) New! 7 Inch Yummee Bird rigged weedless with the hook facing up. This bait will skip and fly right over the toughest weedlines drawing strikes from predators like Dolphin and Tuna. Works best over weedlines with a kite $16.99 1 pack
5) BULK! Unrigged 1 each- $11.59

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