Yummee Inline Bird Fishing Lure-7 inch Flying Fish-MADE IN USA!


Imagine this Yummee inline bird skimming, skipping and splashing ahead of your favorite lure when BAM! A huge Marlin rises from behind and engulfs it! Inline birds imitate real flying fish preparing for takeoff and your favorite lure then looks like the predator chasing it which draws huge game fish like a magnet. The soft plastic we use gives our flying fish a life-like action and feel that hard birds simply cannot match. This is a deadly combination and one of the most effective combinations on the water. Great for Tuna, Dolphin or Marlin, the 7 inch Yummee Inline Bird is game changer offshore.

This lure is rigged one per pack with a heavy duty ball bearing snap swivel in its tail so you can easily rig it in front of YOUR favorite lure.

Proudly Made in USA! 

WARNING:  This product is not intended for use by children under 14 years of age.

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