RIGGED Yummee Mini Flyer-4 inch Flying Fish-Fishing Lure-MADE IN USA!


This 4 inch lure catches HUGE fish! Whether fished alone with a hook in it or rigged in chains or on spreader bars this is one HOT little bait. If you like to catch Mahi Mahi-Dolphin on light tackle this is the ultimate lure for you. Tie one on spinning tackle and cast and retrieve near weed lines or other offshore debris for explosive top water action from Dolphin-Mahi Mahi!  It is also a top choice for Tuna fisherman across the oceans.  It's economical price adds to its appeal among fishermen.  When big fish are eating tiny baits this is the lure of choice.  It's small size makes it the perfect fishing lure to rig in front of other trolling lures creating the illusion of the chase lure pursuing our panicked flying fish lures. This drives Tuna, Dolphin, Sailfish and Marlin nuts! This is a rigging method that has won many tournaments.

Fishing Tips: 

1. There are times when big Tuna and Dolphin are focused on eating small bait; when that happens, this is your fishing lure of choice! Many professionals rig up large numbers of these fishing lures into chains or spreader bars to simulate bait schools. Our Minis are also the ultimate casting lure for Dolphin, Tuna and or other surface feeding fish.  

2. Simply pull up to the weed line, cast, retrieve and hang on! The strikes are spectacular making this one of the most fun fishing lures you will ever fish. The Mini Yummee Flying Fish is made of durable yet soft plastic which gives striking fish a natural yummy feel so they hang on to the lure longer. 

How to rig the 4 inch Mini Flyer video

Sold either in a 2 pack unrigged, 1 pack rigged or bulk unpacked 1 each

Proudly Made in USA!

WARNING:  This product is not intended for use by children under 14 years of age.

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