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8 inch NEW Super Yummee Flying Fish Lure-Fishing Lures

How to rig the hot new 8 inch Super Yummee Flying Fish Lure to catch huge Tuna, Dolphin-Mahi Mahi. This rig is AKA the Cow Tuna Rig designed to catch 200 pound plus Tuna.  

How to make a Super Cow Rig using the NEW Super Yummee Flyer

 If you're after the largest of Yellowfin Tuna, the Super Yummee is the lure of choice. With a multitude of rigging options and durable unified body,   this lure will consistently bring in the tuna. As with all Yummees, the Super Yummee is proudly made in the USA. 

How to Choose the Correct Yummee Fly'n Fish

What Yummee Flying Fish lure is best suited for my conditions?  How do I know which Yummee Flyer is best for me?  These are questions we receive all the time. Therefore, we made this video to ensure you're on the water with the best Yummee Flyer possible. 

How to Rig the 9 inch Yummee Fly'n Fish

One of the best tuna lures ever created! Learn how to take one of the best trolling lures and rig it for success on the water.  Capt. Jim McKeral will show you how to make a rig that will perform when the bite is on! 

How to Rig the 7-inch Delta Wing Yummee Flyer Daisy Chain

The 7 inch Yummee Delta Wing Flying Fish is a deadly lure for tuna and billfish. Some say it's the perfect trolling lure.  Learn how to rig these superb lures in a daisy chain to create action that will draw strikes from even the most finicky game fish. 

How to Rig a Weedless Delta Wing Yummee Bird

Fishing in the grass? Tired of your hooks snagging trash while trolling?  Watch as Capt. Jim McKeral shows you how to fish one of the best trolling lures in a weedless configuration. This is one effective and deadly rig! 

How to Rig the 4 inch Mini Yummee Flyer

When fish focus on smaller bait, the Mini Yummee Flyer is a dynamite trolling lure. This is a small lure that catches BIG fish! It's small size is perfect for when the fish are selecting smaller bait to chase. 

How to assemble the Sand Flea Jig (Pompano Jig)

Watch as Capt. Jim McKeral demonstrates how to assemble the Sand Flea Jig using components from the Sand Flea Jig Kit 

How to make a Yummee Flying Fish "Cow Tuna" Kite Rig

Learn how to rig a 9 inch original Yummee Flying Fish to catch 200 to 1000 pound Tuna AKA "Cow Tuna" works on all offshore gamefish. 

How to make the Ultimate Ballyhoo Rig using Yummee Flyers

Looking for that special ballyhoo rig to attract big fish? Watch as Capt. Jim McKeral shows you how to rig one of the most effective combos on the water. 

How to make a "Cow Tuna" rig using a 7inch Yummee Bird

How to instructions for rigging a 7 inch Yummee Flying fish lure to catch huge Tuna. 

How to Rig a Soft Trolling Bird and Chase Lure Combo

This is one of the most effective combinations available for the offshore fisherman. Create the ultimate trolling presentation! Learn how to rig the Yummee flyer as a soft bird teaser being chased by a octopus style trolling lure. 

How to make a 'Super Cow Rig'

Watch as Capt. Jim McKeral shows us how to rig the 9" Yummee Fly'n Fish for catching 200+ pound Tunas.  The original 9" Yummee Flyer has proven itself for years, which is why it's known as the World's Greatest Tuna Lure.  All Yummees are proudly made in the USA.